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Our Kindergarten

Kids United Kindergarten was established in 1995. We are a truly international establishment with around 85 children from 45 nationalities. We are dedicated to provide an outstanding kindergarten education for young children between the ages of 1 to 6 years.

Our kindergarten is situated a spacious building and we have access to the playground which provides plenty of opportunity for outdoor play. We also explore our local surrounding area as Donau Park and the International Park whenever we can.

Our spacious four classrooms are bright, airy and provide children with ample room for all the activities our kindergarten offers. Each room has a cloakroom and a washroom. The kindergarten also has regular use of a small gymnasium.

The children are offered a wide range of activities including painting, cooking, constructions stories and drama.

Each room is well equipped and has learning centers for reading, writing, mathematics, art, technology, construction and a home corner. At such learning center, children demonstrate their knowledge and skills they are acquiring and apply new learning both independently with their peers. They also learn to manage time, make choices and show responsibility.

Our kindergarten provides safe, fun, happy, caring and friendly environment where every aspect of each child’s development is encouraged.

We have strong ties with the leading private schools in Vienna and we prepare the children for the entry into the school of your choice. Choosing the right school for your child is most important, and we are here to help and guide you with this choice.

Above all, we provide a secure and friendly environment in which, our parents, will feel completely at ease when leaving their child in our care.

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