Learning Programme

We believe that children learn by doing and we encourage them in their individual journey self-awareness and development of growth.

The kindergarten comprises of 4 groups. Each group has one teacher and two assistants.

Green Group

Toddler Group (children age 1 to 3). The first years of life is an essential time for your child’s development. We provide every toddler with a safe; secure environment and a lot of supportive adult interaction.

Yellow Group

Infant Group (children age 3 to 4). Three years olds are full of wonder about their environment. This is an exiting time for these young learners, who need to be changed physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Our focus is to give the children the opportunity to learn through play in a loving caring environment.

Red Group

Family Group (children 1 to 6). Children are eager to learn, and kindergarten activities are designed to involve and engage these young students with interesting lessons and materials.

Orange Group

Pre-school Group (children 4 to 6). Well qualified and experienced teachers plan thematic units in mathematics, literacy, science, social studies, art, music and movement to thoroughly prepare children for a smooth transition to school with a rich learning foundation. All the children leave the kindergarten with a solid foundation in basic educational skills and as confident and happy learners.

At the kindergarten we follow an Early Years learning programme covering crucial areas of development



We encourage the children not only to listen to music but to make their own exploring sound and rhythms with both instruments and with their voices. Playing instruments, singing songs taking part of movement and dance are all aimed to develop a sense of pleasure and enjoyment of music.


Literacy Skills

Learning to use early phonics, we encourage children to link sounds and letters which helps them to begin reading and writing. Children are giving ample access to a wide range of reading materials (stories, poems, rhymes, drama) to ignite their interest.


Mathematical Skills

Children are supported in developing their understanding of basic shapes, counting, number symbol recognition and writing, concept of time, sorting and matching.


Personal Development

Involves helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves and others. We encourage children to form positive relationships and develop respect for others, to develop social skills and learn how to manage their feeling, to understand appropriate behaviour in groups, and most importantly to have confidence in their own abilities.


Communication Skills

With the support of their teachers, children are encouraged to develop their oral communication and listening skills whilst also building on their reading and writing abilities.



We encourage free expressions and creative representation of the children’s own concept of their environment. Creating, cutting, sticking, painting, drawing are all part of our everyday schedule.


Physical Development

Involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive and to develop their coordination, control and movement.



In exploring and discovering the immediate environment, the children will develop basic concepts and logical thinking and a sense of care for the environment we live in.

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